Calga Dohnes supporting Dollys Dream - May 2018

Country RIppa Clothing based at Barinsdale in VIC have got behind the Dollys Dream Foundation this year with $15 from each shirt sold, going towards the Dolly's Dream Foundation. This year we chose to support this Foundation for our brightly coloured team shirts worn each year for our sales.

For those that are unaware of the Foundation, The Dolly's Dream Foundation is a charity group established by family and friends of Dolly Everett.  Dolly was the victim of bullying, and sadly ended her own life at the young age of 14. In remembrance to Dolly, and to facilitate positive change for other young lives, the Dolly's Dream Foundation aims to provide support to charity groups through fundraising and promotion.

"Dolly's Dream" aim is to raise awareness of bullying, anxiety, depression, and youth suicide, and on social media had been using the hashtags #stopbullyingnow and #doitforDolly.

To further promote Dolly's Dream we will auction a ram at our sale with the proceeds going to the Dolly's Dream Foundation