Don't miss the Opportunity to Pick up Some Good Genetics - Allan Clarke July 2018

Allan Clarke  ADBA Assessor Dubbo NSW

This year has been extremely difficult for all people on the land and the constant fodder run to maintain livestock over such an extended period of time is both financially and emotionally draining. For that reason many people are not giving a lot of thought to the purchasing of rams.

It has been my experience when these types of seasonal conditions prevail it is easy to make the decision to postpone ram purchases. However my advice to clients would be that this is a great opportunity. Often you will find that you can purchase better quality rams at a more affordable price as most people are buying smaller numbers than usual and this reduced competition gives you access to a larger number of rams in your price range.  It is also a time when you can increase the genetic gain in your flock by buying better genetics. The stud breeder, who is also mindful of costs, may be offering reduced numbers of rams but the overall quality of the stock for sale is of a very high standard  as he is also putting more pressure on his flock to perform.

 This amazing opportunity is especially relevant this year as in my 50 years in the sheep industry I have never before seen such good prices for livestock and wool in an unprecedented period of drought.

 Do not miss this opportunity as when the season breaks it will be economically beneficial to have maintained a good core of breeding stock and invested in good genetics in order to capitalise on strong stock prices in the future. It is a way of future proofing your business.